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About Waves

Waves is one of the professional audio industry’s most notable success stories.

Waves began in October 1992 with the introduction of the first audio plugin, the Q10 Paragraphic equalizer. The Q10 broke new ground in three major areas. First, it was the debut of the audio signal processor plugin, a tool commonly used today. Second, its graphic user interface gave users unprecedented control and eliminated the requirement for a DSP engineering background since it automated the filter coefficient calculations. Finally, the revolutionary Q10 offered sound quality equal to or better than many of its hardware counterparts.


Waves have teamed up with many of the most sought after engineers in the world today to bring users an outstanding range of plugin collections from the best in the business. Plugin choices, chains, and settings of the worlds leading producers and recording engineers are brought to life in a huge range of artist collection bundles.

Waves Maserati GTi plugin GUI

Waves Maserati GTi

Waves’ plug-in range features a huge assortment of  64-bit plugins offering faster scanning, faster loading, and faster processing. Waves’ new easy-to-use activation system and Waves License Center ushers in an new era of “simplicity, flexibility, mobility, and security.

  • 64-bit support
  • No iLok required
  • Easy activation to computer or USB flash drive
  • Move and manage your licenses via USB flash drive or License Cloud
  • One-click license recovery for lost or damage devices

Hardware development has progressed in parallel with Waves software success. The MaxxBCL and PuigChild hardware compressor are two examples. Meticulously built, these products offer hands on control of Waves plugin algorithms in a road and studio ready hardware format.

Waves PuigChild Hardware Compressor

PuigChild Hardware Compressor

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