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About Wave panels

Wave Panels is a leading acoustic treatment  design specialist located in Melbourne, Australia.

Understanding the needs of today’s musician/producer, Wave Panels is committed to developing a new and affordable range of professional acoustic treatment products.

While there is certainly a great body of science behind acoustics, Wave Panels designers aspire to make simple yet effective foam products suitable for a variety of applications. From home project studios to television post suites, Wave Panels products have you covered.

Flutter echos and standing waves be gone! Wave Panel tiles and traps are designed to clean up the sound of your room. They literally make an incredible difference to your listening environment by treating problematic acoustic conditions.

Treating your listening environment is likely to be the single biggest improvement to the sound quality of your acoustic space.

Wave Panels Acoustic Treatment Studio Kit

Wave Panels Acoustic Treatment Studio Kit

The core products in the range include multi-dimensions corrugated tiles, broadband bass traps, and corner traps.

Main Features:

  • Fix room acoustics simply and affordably
  • Help reduce standing waves, room echo, bass boom, excessive reflections and reverberation
  • Reduce general room noise levels from internal and external sources
  • Help smooth out resonant waveform peaks across the entire frequency spectrum
  • Treat a wide range of room sizes
  • Modular tile treatment system
  • Simple installation
  • Fire retardant. (Complies with the Australian standard: AS/NZS 4088.1 and British Standard Two 5852 with source 2 ignition)
  • UV filter. Helps minimize color fading
  • Made with “Ultra-Fresh”, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial agent, for a healthier working environment
  • Made in Australia
Wave Panels Acoustic Treatment Starter Kit

Wave Panels Acoustic Treatment Starter Kit

Wave Panel products can be purchased in general purpose boxed kits.

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