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Ringway is a proven supplier and manufacturer of quality digital pianos and musical instruments in China. Today, it operates a 60,000 square meter production plant with 600 employees. Ringway has established a strict quality control system. Their products are sold in more than 40 countries and territories around the world.

Combining great technology with appealing cabinet designs, Ringway pianos not only play and perform well but fit right in with most home decors.

Adagio TG8826 Mahogany Digital Piano

TG8862 Mahogany Digital Piano

The current line up of quality digital pianos includes pianos suitable for the needs of beginning, intermediate and professional players at affordable prices.

Adagio KD10 Digital Drumkit

TD-90 Digital Drumkit

In recent years Ringway have branched out with a range of electronic drum kits including the TD-36 and TD-90. Great sounds and great value make Ringway electronic drum kits the perfect choice for drummers wanting the benefits of electronic drums.

Adagio GDP6300 Digital Grand Piano

GDP6300 Digital Grand Piano

Choosing to become involved in music making has numerous benefits. Children who are involved in music tend to do better not only in school, but in life as well. Adult players can enjoy the ability to entertain family and friends as well as the ability to get away from the rush rush of the world by relaxing at the piano.

Another standout feature of Ringway Pianos is the quality of the cabinets. Ringway Pianos look perfect for dressing up restaurants, living rooms, entrance foyers, and more.

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