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Neusonik Profile

Neusonik are a forward thinking technology company specializing in music technology peripherals for iOS and other mobile computing platforms.

Starting with the iM/ONE, Neusonik released a hybrid MIDI interface for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch computers. In order to make this comprehensive connection possible, an interface was created which is compatible with both USB 2.0 and with Apple´s 30-pole signal.

This connection is called iPort and is technically a USB 3.0 connection (without an actual USB 3.0 signal). The included iPort cable (Apple 20-pole to USB 3.0) is designed exclusively for the connection with iOS devices. The downwards compatibility of the USB 3.0 standards makes it possible to connect a Mac/PC via the included standard USB 2.0 cable.

Simple Plug-and-Play installations and power supply is available via the connected iOS device. No batteries or additional power supply is required for operation.

Neusonik has a range of iOS compatible devices built on the same technology:

  • uMIDI/O USB MIDI Interface Cable – USB MIDI CABLE INTERFACE WITH with the option of 1 INPUT AND 1 OUTPUT, or 2 inputs or 2 outputs thanks to unique cable design.
  • iA/One – Mini USB Audio Interface – Mini USB 2.0 Audio Interface for I-OS devices (I-Phone, I-Pad), Mac and PC
  • iMIDI/O – MIDI Interface for iPad,iPhone – World’s first iOS compatible MIDI solution! Bi-directional Midi I/O for I-OS devices (I-Phone, I-Pad), Mac or PC.
  • iBoard4 – The iBoard4 is the first hybrid USB Midi keyboard with 49 keys that works for computers and iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  • iMike-C – iOS/PC/Mac compatible USB Condenser Microphone
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