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The Munro Egg system has experienced a UK overhaul. The Egg 150 has an active speaker system with two passive speakers, each housed in unique egg-shaped chassis. They combine with a custom designed amplifier with a new amplifier circuit board design, improved chassis metal-work with a much thicker front panel and recessed higher quality knobs. There is a redefined midEQ section in which they have broadened out the eq curve following development input from producers and engineers already using the original system.  The systems are now truly “Made in the UK”, being designed, manufactured, marketed and distributed in the UK, a fact that the MunroSonic team is very proud of.

Quotes from Sound On Sound magazine review


“In terms of quality these monitors are up against the best in class, which includes models from ATC, ATI, Genelec, Neumann and PMC”


“Within their price range the Eggs tick all the right boxes, with great stereo imaging, a good sense of depth perspective, an open-sounding clarity, and a solid, tight bass end. They make good mixes sound great, but reveal every flaw in imperfect ones, just as an effective monitor should.”


“The Eggs sound like much bigger monitors than their appearance suggests, with confident lows which don’t suffer from flabby over-tuning”


“…despite the technical challenges in designing this type of cabinet, there are many potential benefits”


“The shape provides both mechanical rigidity, and a significant reduction in diffraction… curved surfaces also break up internal reflections and suppress standing waves”


“When compared with other active monitors they pack plenty of punch…”


“Very nicely engineered”


“Compact yet not at all small sounding”


“Excellent sound quality; detailed and 3 dimensional without being harsh”