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ESI Audio Made In Germany

About ESI

ESI products are manufactured and distributed worldwide by ESI Audiotechnik GmbH, located in Leonberg, Germany. ESI products are designed and developed in Germany.

ESI has been making professional audio products for over a decade. Today, ESI is one of the leading vendors for professional and semi-professional audio equipment worldwide. ESI products are well known and used daily by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

Over the years ESI has developed a full line catalog of products for desktop media and music production including USB, Firewire, and USB interfaces, Midi controller keyboards, active monitor speakers, a range of supporting peripherals.

ESI uniK 04 Active Monitor Speakers

uniK 04 Active Monitor Speakers

The ESI Juli@ catapulted ESI to the forefront of desktop media production when it was first released. Featuring the highest quality 24-bit 192Khz ADC (114dB) and DAC (112dB). The Juli@ literally blew the competition away for “bang for buck” quality vs value. Its unique swappable I/O socket allowed users to choose between unbalanced RCA jacks and balanced TRS jacks. This was a world first that offered users the ability to configure the Juli@ to their own personal studio.

ESI Juli@ Balanced PCI Audio Card

Juli@ Balanced PCI Audio Card

ESI is also known for their ultra high quality EWDM drivers. They provide unparalled performance and stability, and provide support for all professional audio applications using ASIO and GSIF drivers.

With the power of EWDM drivers ESI audio interfaces are perfect for post-production and music production studios.

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