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About DVK Technologies

DVK Technologies is a boutique pedal company co-founded by Brett Kingman and based in Melbourne, Australia.

Brett’s unique and inspired take on some of the most treasured guitar pedal circuits in history have been brought to life in extremely useful and tasteful DVK combinations.

DVK pedals offer guitar players a serious choice of sonic palates whilst preserving precious pedal board real estate.  The greatest variety of sounds paired together in “2 in 1″ specialty pedals is what makes DVK unique.

DVK The Mrs "2 in 1" guitar pedal

The Mrs “2 in 1″ guitar pedal

DVK dual circuits feature tasteful and authentic mashups of compression, boost, overdrive, vibe, and classic fuzz. Useful peripherals such as expression control and circuit order switching is another stand-out feature of DVK  Pedals.

DVK Gold Top guitar pedal

The GoldTop “2 in 1″ Guitar Pedal

DVK pedals all feature eye-catching designs which are sure to make an impressionable presence on any board. Some unique and interesting take on the classics that need to be heard to be believed.

DVK pedals are green as well. That means no 9V batteries!

Need help finding a dealer? If you have difficulty in finding a dealer please contact us directly. We can help identify the most suitable dealer for your needs.
Registered DVK users can visit the DVK website to receive direct support from certified pedal geeks here:  DVK Support