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About Benchmark

Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. is a privately-held manufacturer of precision audio electronics providing leading-edge performance to broadcasters, recording studios, sound reinforcement contractors, and home audiophiles since 1983.

Benchmark Media is one of the most respected companies specializing in the new trend of high-end USB DACs. Benchmark has a complete line of USB and computer friendly preamps, DACs and other audiophile electronics. Benchmark is bridging the gap between audiophile systems and the media that is on everyone’s computers.

Benchmark products have become an industry standard in many of the finest and demanding broadcast facilities around the world. From the ABC-TV, BBC, CNN, CBS, CNBC, to Bob Katz’s mastering suite, Benchmark is there. The most reliable ultra high quality equipment today.

Recently, Benchmark has reached further into the pro audio markets with the release of a 16-channel analog-to-digital converter.

Notable products include the Benchmark DAC1 HDR, the Benchmark DAC1 USB, and the Benchmark ADC16.

Benchmark DAC 1 USB Silver

Benchmark DAC 1 USB

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