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Save up to 60% on Pro Tools 11

Save up to 60% on Pro Tools 11
Plus, get upgrades and support through March 2016

Pro Tools 11 now offers incredible new benefits that make upgrading today more valuable than ever.

Starting now, you can upgrade to Pro Tools 11 for just $240 and get a one-year, renewable standard Avid Support plan that provides all upgrades and support—including the upcoming cloud collaboration and marketplace features.

But that’s not all. Customers purchasing an upgrade by December 20th will receive an extended support plan through March 31, 2016*. That’s up to 17 months of coverage, if they upgrade now.

• Unleash your creativity with multiple times more power
• Add epic numbers of VIs and effects to create richer-sounding mixes
• Get unrivalled sound quality and powerful 64-bit performance to handle bigger mixes
• Speed up mix delivery with faster-than-real-time offline bounce
• Stay current with free upgrades and support

Upgrade by December 20th and get up to 17 months* of Pro Tools upgrades and support.

* To be eligible for extended support, customers must purchase an upgrade by December 20, 2014 and activate your software by December 31, 2014.

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The M-Audio Fast Track C-Series

Transform your ideas into professional-quality music with two new interfaces and Pro Tools MP music creation systems.

The original, best-selling* M-Audio Fast Track recording interfaces set the standard for quality and ease of use. Now the new Fast Track C-series audio interfaces make it simpler than ever to transform your ideas into professional-quality music. Get the Fast Track C600 or C400 bundled with industry-leading Pro Tools MP recording software—or buy the interfaces separately for use with your favorite software.

With Fast Track C600 and C400, top-panel controls make it easy to stay in the creative flow. You’ll capture amazing performances with built-in reverb and delay effects, sound incredible with an all-new signal path, and easily check your mixes on multiple sets of speakers using the built-in monitor management system. You’ll also enjoy the flexibility to record with your favorite music software—including Pro Tools. Fast Track C-series interfaces give you the freedom to make music at the speed of your creativity.

* Source: MI SalesTrak® reports (January 2008 – January 2011).

  • Fast Track C600 - Next-Generation 6×8 Recording Interface with DSP
  • Pro Tools MP + Fast Track C600 - High-Performance 6×8 Pro Tools MP Studio Bundle
  • Fast Track C400 - Next-Generation 4×6 Recording Interface with DSP
  • Pro Tools MP + Fast Track C400 - High-Performance 4×6 Pro Tools MP Studio Bundle

More information on Fast Track Series can be found at the M-Audio website

Read the M-Audio profile at Sound-Music

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