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iRig Keys – The universal portable keyboard

iRig KEYS with iPad

Freedom of Expression

The universal portable keyboard

iRig KEYS is the first ultra-slim and highly portable universal MIDI controller keyboard for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC. iRig KEYS connects directly to the iOS device 30 pin dock connector or the USB port on your Mac/PC. It features 37 velocity-sensitive mini-keys — 3 full octave range plus one note, taking a minimal space on your desktop and can easily fit in a backpack or a carry-on bag.

iRig KEYS is Core MIDI and USB class compliant for a true plug-and-play experience both with iOS devices or Mac/PC, with no additional app, software or drivers to be installed to have it go and running. For total mobility, iRig KEYS is also an ultra-low power consumption unit.


iRig KEYS with laptop

When hooked up to an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, it can be powered by the device, and for longer playing sessions it can be powered by the available USB port. When connected to a Mac/PC, the USB port powers it.

iRig KEYS is the ultimate portable keyboard players and producers companion. Use it any time and anywhere inspiration strikes you… simply hook it up to your device or computer and start playing. You can use iRig KEYS for live performance or for songwriting and composition with the included app and software or with a multitude of other MIDI compatible instruments and recorders on any iOS, MacOS or Windows system.



  • 37 velocity-sensitive mini-keys (3 full octaves range plus one note)
  • Modulation and pitch bend wheels
  • Volume/Data knob (assignable)
  • Octave/Program Up/Down back-lit, soft-touch buttons
  • SET button to store and recall 4 different customized setups
  • Input for an optional sustain or expression pedal
  • Core MIDI (iOS) and USB class compliant (Mac/PC) – plug and play
  • Powered from the iOS device or Mac/PC USB
  • Comes with SampleTank FREE iOS and iGrand Piano FREE apps (download from the App store)
  • Comes with free Mac/PC virtual instrument: SampleTank 2 L (download from IK User Area)

A small controller with great features

For maximum playing comfort and versatility, iRig KEYS includes modulation and pitch-bending wheels, plus an input for an optional sustain or expression pedal that accommodates any virtuosic playing style, all housed in a sleek ultra-compact durable package.


iRig KEYS features an easy to use control panel that gives you 5 backlit soft-touch buttons and one volume/data knob. You will find Program and Octave up/down buttons plus a Set button that will allow you to store up to 4 different set ups for the complete iRig KEYS configuration. An Edit mode is also available to transpose the keyboard, send specific program change messages, customize touch sensitivity, change MIDI channel, reassign Vol/Data knob MIDI control change and access to other useful MIDI functions in a flash.

All these parameters can be stored in Sets using the Set button and recalled in a snap, to allow for quick sounds switching and easy control of various instruments or apps on the fly.

iRig KEYS iRig KEYS USB connections iRig KEYS modulation and pitch wheels iRig KEYS controls

Plug and play out of the box

iRig KEYS comes complete with free pro-quality virtual instruments app and software that can be immediately downloaded and played, for a true plug-and-play experience out the box.

For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, iRig KEYS comes with:

iGrand Piano

  • iGrand Piano FREE for iPad, the concert-quality piano app for iPad with 2 world-class, multi-velocity stereo grand and upright piano instruments, expandable library of 15 additional studio-grade instruments instantly available via in-app purchase, MIDI Recorder with overdub capability, and much more (to be downloaded from the App Store).

SampleTank for iPhone/iPad

  • SampleTank for iPhone or iPad FREE, the virtual sound module including a complete selection of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments and patterns, unlocking 48 bonus instruments in addition of the 20 included with the free version (to be downloaded from the App Store).

SampleTank for Mac/PC

On Mac/PC iRig KEYS comes with a downloadable version of:

  • SampleTank 2 L the Mac/PC sample workstation, available both as a stand-alone and as a plug-in for most popular DAW (including GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Sonar and more) with 2 GB of samples in every instruments category (to be downloaded from the IK Multimedia online User Area).


D16 comes to Australia

D16 have appointed Sound & Music as the exclusive distributor for Australia.

Sound & Music is proud to announce the imminent arrival of D16 Audio groups newest range of virtual analog synths, drum machines, and effects.

Prepare to have your notions of what a plugin should be capable of forever redefined with the LuSH-101! Extremely powerful multilayer architecture, a palette of the finest insert effects (each selectable per layer), and an extensive mixer with compression, EQ and send effects all add up to a truly modern synthesizer with vintage playability–and all in the absolute highest sound quality possible at every point along the signal path!

If you’re curious to see what D16 have prepared for you, visit LuSH-101′s page now… and prepare to rethink your definition of what a quality plugin is!

Watch demos of 4 amazing IK apps!

AmpliTube, iGrand Piano, SampleTank and VocaLive on iPad mini

Sit back, turn up the volume, and watch AmpliTube, iGrand Piano, SampleTank and VocaLive in action on the iPad mini. See for yourself the many the possibilities using IK music apps and the new iPad mini.

iGrand Piano for iPad amazes by playing Mozart’s K545 Piano Sonata with its many gorgeous sounding, true-stereo, multisampled pianos like the Grand Piano, Classical Octave Piano and Rich Upright Piano. In the end you can even see the large visual metronome display along with its audio click when the tempo is adjusted.

In AmpliTube for iPad, tweaking around the Fender® Twin Reverb amp and adding a bit of Phazer and Chorus is done in a breeze. After, watch the difference when the Soldano amp is cranked up with a different mic and T-Rex Moller, Flanger, Delay effects are added.

In SampleTank for iPad there are hundreds of pro-quality sounds and patterns to choose from so this demo shows you some of the cool ones like: West Coast Kit and Old School Kit in the Hip Hop category. Watch how easily you can browse, pick, load sounds and patterns.

In VocaLive for iPad see how the presets are switched around to get different textures and effects on a female vocalist singing acapella. Notice the difference when using the Arena preset versus Harmony in different octaves.

The sonic possibilities are endless! Download the free or full versions and see for yourself!

sE Electronics appoints Sound And Music Distribution

sE Electronics available in Australia


sE Electronics have appointed Sound And Music, one of Australia’s leading pro audio distributors the exclusive distribution for the Australian region.

Sound And Music provides pro audio products to the Australian music retail industry.  The company already handles product ranges from many leading companies, including AVID, Waves, IK Multimedia, ESI, SM Pro Audio, Toontrack, Softube, Benchmark,  and more, making them ideal partners for sE Electronics.

John Fuller, director of operations for Sound And Music commented, “We are delighted to be working with sE Electronics, who are at the forefront of microphone and recording technology. We very much look forward to working with the guys at sE and making their fantastic range of products accessible to Australian users.”

sE Electronics offer a great range of professional solutions and continually push the boundaries in relation to product development, build quality, and performance.